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It Takes A Vkillage

by Miranda Marschalk

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During one of the lunch time assignment sessions. Stephanie confided in Ms. Marschalk why she had lost interest in the class. Stephanie had recently broken up with her girlfriend and she had no one to talk to about it. Her mother didn't 't know about her ex.

Ms. Marschalk explained that she had difficulty dealing with the break up with her first boyfriend and that she failed several subjects that year.

She asked Stephanie if she would like to discuss this with the guidance councilor as it had helped her years ago in dealing with something similar. Stephanie did want to, so Ms. Marschalk arranged it immediately.

Ms. Marschalk informed Stephanie's mom that she had a relationship issue and that Stephanie had broken up with her partn er recently and this was causing her distraction with school. She also in formed her that her daughters was meeting with the guidance councilor to discuss it and get some much needed support. Ms. Marschalk just wanted to give the mot6her a heads up.
This intervention proved to get Stephanie back on track with her assignments as it had done for Ms. Marschalk many years ago. She also had a safe place to discuss her issues. Her and her mother worked to help her get over her ex.

When Ms. Marschalk was conducting her observations, she saw an improvement with Stephanie's behavior , mood and her work. Her test scores had also improved. She was still having difficulty concentrating so Ms. Marschalk adjusted her self assessment requirements and helped her with developing her self assessment skills.

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