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It Takes A Vkillage

by Miranda Marschalk

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Stephanie is in grade 11 Healthcare and has not handed in her last two assignments on anatomy and physiology. She normally is on time with her deadlines and is a high achieving student
It's Monday morning and the sun is shining brightly. The classroom is full of fresh air as Ms. Marschalk has opened the windows. No one else is present

'Good morning, Stephanie. Did you give the letter I sent home with you on Friday to your mom"?

Stephanie replied, 'I forgot'.

Ms. Marschalk inquired as to if Stephanie's mom could read English however, she sent the letter home in both English and Mandurian. She also informed Stephanie that she would be calling home after school to follow up and asked if Stephanie could in form her mother.

'I would like to arrange a meeting with the three of us to discuss the recent late assignment submissions'. 'Maybe we can all work together to find a solution that everyone can agree on to help you meet your deadlines' said Ms. Marschalk.