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Julissa Garza Courage

by Julissa Garza


By: Julissa Garza
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Let's learn about "courage"
Courage - having the courage to do something even if it scares you or having the strength of doing something even if it makes you scared or feel scared
Courage could mean many things, but an easy simple meaning of courage could be you being brave over something that frightens you.
Have you seen
"The Lion King"?
Let's practice "courage" now
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Examples - Let's say you're trying to ride a bike but are scared that you'll fall. But your older sibling already knows how to ride a bike. So you ask them if they can help you practice how to ride a bike. But the thing is they notice that you're scared, so they start to encourage you and say "you got this, be brave and be confident."
An example from a movie - courage is used in the movie "The Lion King" I say this because in the movie Simba has to be brave enough to be able to fight with his uncle, Scar. Simba needs strength and courage so that he won't be scared to fight his uncle and get revenge back.
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Poem Showing Courage
What's Minnie without Mickey
What's a brave heart without courage
When one's scared and frightened
think about being fearless
the things you're capable of doing
When Peter Pan can't fly he attempts
and gets courage by seeing others be brave
like Simba, he roars as loud as he can
showing that he isn't afraid
so what is there to be scared of
encourage other people, make them
feel brave!
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Howdy y'all! In my story we will be talking about "Toy Story." In my book I'll be sure to make sure that you will learn about courage and how to show it. In the movie "Toy Story" there's a cowboy doll whose name is "Woody." The owner of the doll Woody is named "Andy" a little boy who got past down the cowboy doll by his father. Andy has many toys to play with. But his favorite toy to have with him would always be Woody the cowboy.
Andy started going to school and would have homework and chores to do after school. That meant he didn't really have time to play with his toys. Andy would still play with the toys, especially Woody. When he could, but most times he couldn't because he would be busy. This made Andy very sad. But he needed to understand to let go of something that he was very attached too. His parents would encourage him to let go. They would say "Andy it's time that you let go, you're much older now and have to give them away. You don't even play with them anymore." This shows Andy's parents saying that he is old enough to move on already.
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Time and time Andy was getting older and wouldn't play as much as he used to play with his toys especially with Woody. Andy was growing up and didn't have the time to play as much as he used to. Although he didn't wanna grow up and forget about his childhood toys he had too. It was very hard for Andy when he would have to see his old toys just laying around his room. That's when all the memories would get to him and where he would remember the good times he had with them. Andy is much older now and although he is still hurt from having to let go of his childhood. He understood that he had to let go and move on.