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Inquiry Journal

by Caoimhe Mc Glynn


Inquiry Based Journal
My ideas on Inquiry
By Caoimhe Mc Glynn
''Living as learners within and outside of school'' (Short. K, 2009)
My concept of Inquiry
I realized that I needed to adjust my understanding of inquiry in light of what I have learned as of now about it, through reading, watching informative videos, and attending lectures. Asking children probing questions and giving them the opportunity to investigate are not the only components of inquiry. Inquiries are actually the result of extensive planning and thought. There are investigative procedures, and there needs to be direction and organization. While still achieving the goals of the curriculum, the questions should be tailored on the children's interests. Through my learning so far, it has made me realize that there is much more to inquiry than what I had initially thought. 
Inquiry Based Learning
As Pedaste, M. et Al. (2015) states, Inquiry-based learning is an educational strategy in which students follow methods and practices similar to those of professional scientists in order to construct knowledge.
It is frequently considered as a method of issue solving and involves the use of a number of problem solving techniques. Active participation and the learner's responsibility for locating previously unknown information are stressed in inquiry-based learning. As part of this approach, students frequently engage in a self-directed learning process that is partially inductive and partially deductive and involves conducting experiments
Words that came to mind when Inquiry was Introduced
Making Connections
Thought Bubble
Questions I have at the Moment on Inquiry
How can I promote Inquiry in the classroom?
What is the best way to teach children about Inquiries?
What is the different ways Inquiry is seen in the classroom?
Incidental Inquiries
This is a picture I took from my grannies window. Myself and Granny were having tea and I seen the paint coming off the window sill. I sat and wondered, how did the paint begin to strape? Did someone start this?
I took a picture of this advent calender in my room as I sat and wondered, Who thought of inventing an advent calender at christmas time. I wonder how it became a trend every year.
Incidental Inquiries
I saw this leaf sitting outside and wondered how did it get there? Did it travel far?
I have this scented room difuser in my room. I often wondered how the scent from the difuser travels through the wood and spreads all around the room.