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What is nasa

by Bennett Forrer


By Bennett Forrer
What is nasa
What is nasa
Nasa National aeronautics and space adminisration is the United States main
space agency they produce tons of rockets & they launch tons of rockets and pair with company's to launch rockets their famous for their historical moon walk in 1969 which caused the U.S. to beat the soviets/Russia they were so proud these moon missions also known as Apollo was such an achievement
even russia was proud of the U.S it was an amazing moment
Begining history and about there rockets
December 6 1958 the united states navy conducted
the launch of vanguard 1 being the first U.S rocket ever launch
the rocket exploded on the pad which was sad because russia had won the space race
The rocket failed due to some issue with the engine chill and
cryogenic fueling caused it to explode on the launch pad LC-18
at Cape canaveral space force station the pad was back in business
only 2 months later which was very helpful later on cape canaveral was under construction with more launch complexes being built it became
the biggest launch complex in the world
next the United states launched explorer 1/ juno 1 which was the first successful United States rocket to reach orbit it was an exciting moment
Next the U.S would launch satelites into orbit which would make a huge difference for radios and technology it would help alot at one point the us navy retired their rockets and nasa was created which helped alot because now the U.S had a space agency and the air force developed rockets that would help the us send satelites to orbit The Air force bought launch complex LC-11 at cape canaveral space station.
Then Nasa launched the test flight of atlas D mercury which could bring astronauts like john glenn to orbit this mission was named Big joe 1 it launched from LC-14 it was a partial sucess. Then general dynamics made the atlas-lv3 rocket it was simular to the atlas mercury but general dynamics ended up seesed operations and became Nasa. The mercury redstone rocket was being developed now it could bring astronauts to low earth orbit and bring them back and this rocket launched from LC-5 which was a small launch site at the cape
The mercury redstone failed but the rocket became successful and was a huge success. The. Nasa started developing the Saturn 1 block 2 it launched from Lc-34 and this rocket would someday became saturn block 5 and bring astronauts to the moon nut before that it was a small weak rocket that brought satelites to orbit it was more of a test vehicle. The missions were named like this the first one was SA-1 then sa-2 sa-3 and so on this rocket became very succesful into the saturn 5 but the block 1 did fly as much there was also a U.S navy and air force station in vandenburg claifornia they launch small rockets from their but its a nice station soon nasa was making a rocket called atlas it was small but became big once ULA united launch alliance bought it and started designing it.
The atlas rocket was being produced and will make its first launch in 1990 next saturn 1 Block 2 is being made the rocket is big and will bring satelites to space the rocket is 55meters tall and has thrust of 6,700 kn it has 2 stages and will become bigger and soon be apollo then the gemini program started it launched at LC-16 and was named titan 2 GLV im not aware what fuel it used but it brought astronauts to orbit and the atlas mercury conducted a flight that brought astronaut John Glenn to orbit saturn 1 block 2 was being launched frequently and showed the russians we could do it too titan lllA was being launched and brought astronauts to orbit we were making lots of history
Nasa and there atlas Mercury program was pretty successful they had lots of astronauts going to space and lots of history was being made they understanded how a rocket worked and lots of other things and it was pretty cool right now it was 1965 and they had lots of rockets its really amazing however the russians are doing ok with there molynia and voshhod rocket but the U.S is doing better. Now a rocket company Martin Marrietta with there Titan llC rocket is sending people and satelites to space its a pretty good rocket that is really helping the space agency. Now the saturn 1B rocket was being produced it was big and mighty it launched from LC-34l
The first saturn 1B launched from cape canaveral Febuary 26 196h we were just 1 step away from the moon the us air forces Delta e rocket was helping bring top secret space crafts to orbit nasa is still launching the Atlas-SLV3 martin marriettas titan 3A is launching lots of sates to orbit now dun dun dun Apollo 4 the first mission the test flight launched the rocket produced 35,100 kn of thrust thats alot the rocket costed 1,160 million dollars per launch
next apollo 11 launched the first people to walk on the moon were astronaut Neil A. Armstrong and Buzz aldrin they placed the moon flag and the us made history hooray for apollo these missions went from 4- 17 after the apollo missions the United Launch alliance started producing Delta 2000 it was the 1980’s
The delta rocket became very cool and sucessful the rocket brought delta satelites to space and provided internet then the space shuttle program started this lasted since 1982-2010 it would bring astronauts to the iss and orbit the earth. The first launch the rocket was painted and it was all white now the fuel tanks are orange because its cheeper not to paint the rocket the first launch was a sucess and the rocket was so cool it made history unfortunately in 1986 spae shuttle challenger exploded killing all 7 people on board the rocket. Same thing happend in 2003 with space shuttle columbia