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by Joshue Avecillas





Writing Product Review
Gaming Computer
Between computers and laptops, there are different models and prices between a good gaming computer we have the Asus models that vary in price between $ 1000 or $ 2000 although you can find them cheaper, although if we talk about good places to buy computers it can be in CompuPlus since I can find good prices.
The design and features
The design of a gaming computer can vary, whereas a non-gaming computer does not have certain features, such as that the resources needed to run games generally have 8GB of RAM and do not include a video card or solid disk, while Those computers have It has RGB and Glass lights, it has more than 16GB of RAM, it includes a graphics card and the best thing is that it includes a solid disk.
The Quality
Among the qualities of a gaming computer, it is much faster in addition to having a video card that serves us for better quality, whereas a computer that is not for games does not have enough resources to play, whereas laptops are even slower and only used. for jobs.
My Opinion
In my opinion, when buying a gaming computer you can do many things such as use it for more processes and tasks since its RAM memory supports many processes, there are some problems when using it since these computers can get very excited by the number of fans You have to do maintenance so that it does not get dirty, apart from that it is more expensive than a normal computer, but it is very beneficial to run games as well as for housework, while the common computer can run these processes but not in an excellent way it is advisable to buy a gaming computer.
When you buy your computer look at its specifications and prices since you can find a very cheap computer

When your computer is slower than normal after the days you bought it, it may be due to the accumulation of dust on its components, it is necessary to do a cleaning

Never cover the fan inlets since if you do the components could overheat, it is advisable to keep your computer in an open place.