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by the world explorers club

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We arrived in the island.We are scary but the inhabitants of the island say us welcome! They are short and fat. They are bald.They have rainbow skin.
The island is big and mysterious.It has a lot of volcanos, trees, rivers, lakes and animals . We are very hungry. We go to hunt fish in the River of the Future.
The night is cold.We hope tomorrow we can explore a lot. GOOD NIGHT.

by Queralt from Max Plank and Pau from Darwin
The island is still to be explored, it seems full of mysteries. From what we've seen so far there are several species of animals. I settled on top of the mountain where there is a campfire and a small hut.
Emma - IT from Stephen Hawking team

We were very hungry and we went around the island to look for food. In the island there were many wild animals of all kinds. We found a lot of fruit to eat but the island was full of monkeys that didn't want to share food. At night we built a hut to protect us from wild animals.
Maria Chiara - IT from Stephen Hawking team

During the night the inhabitants didn't sleep. So we were very tired but we could see some lights, we were very curious and tired to see what it was. The inhabitants had stolen one of our phone and were trying to use it! After that we finally went to bed.
Nicola T - IT from Nicolò Copernico team
We are very excited because today we go to explore the island.
We not have any binoculars for wath animals.
we are hungry becouse we have a little bit of foot but we have to share.
The island is very funny because there are very funny monkies!
Now it's night and we can't sleep because the bears are noisy.
we listen to the inhabitans because they are doing a ritual.

by martina.sp.2 from isac newton team and sandra.sp.2 from albert einstein team.
We joined to the ritual with the inhabitants.
This is very strange because the inhabitants speak another language.

Of what they said we did not understand much but we were able to see the end and understood the purpose of the ritual. It was terrifying!
Tommaso C - IT from Nicola Tesla team
We used a universal translator and we discovered that the ritual was a prayer for the god of the island. Saying it he did not let the volcano to erupt.
Gabriele-IT from Louis Pasteur team

After the ritual we went to the beach and went swimming in the sea. It was very refreshing. We ate pineapples and palm hearts. Then we went to collect stones, wrote our names and put them into one of the lakes. We also danced and ate strange bananas. After that we were very tired and went to sleep.
Francesco-IT from Albert Einstein team, Tommaso - IT from Marie Curie team and Claudia - IT from Benjamin Franklin team
Day 4
The moning came. We decided to go the deep of the island. We have seen unusual animals. Lions were pink , they spoke and we were friends. We were so involved into our excursion that we lost. But rainbow lions helped us to find the way to the camp.
Diana UA, N. Tesla group Stas UA M.Plank group
we came to the camp burned the fire and sat down to supper.we heard that somebody lies in the bushes.We were scared and took a weapon,but here we saw a shadow of a man. We came to him and saw that he was the leader of a neighboring tribe.he had a wounded hand we tied up his hand .Having felt it and warmed up he offered us to visit his tribe.We all agreed and went to rest.
Ann Ua from B. Franklin group, Vlad UA St. Hawking group, Liliya UA A. Einstein group
from morning we went to the river and there met an old woman and an old man.They walked around our camp.We made friends with them and asked how did they found the way to this island here .Our new friends told us that they got lost and have already lived here for two years.We offered our help.They agreed and began to build a raft together
Albina UA Leonardo da Vinci group, Angelina UA from Marie Curie group, Varvara UA from Ch.Darwin group
We wanted to eat. We went to the jungle to find food. we saw bananas that fell from the trees by themselves. Coming closer they flew away from us. When we run behind them, they noticed that we got lost. We started to be in a panic but then saw a small house on a tree but there wasn't no ladder to get to it. We decided to build a ladder from palm branches. We spent all night there making a ladder but when we got inside the house on a tree we were happy because we saw our camp from there.
Lera UA from I. Newton group, Kristina UA from N. Copernico team
The next day we went to the valley of a fantastic forest on this island. Then we noticed the bird dropped out of the nest, we helped her. Since then,s he was a guide for us, but with the help of the bird's charms, we reached a huge mountain called the Gigant began to examine and examine and explore this huge mountain Gigant.
IRA UA from Louis Pasteur group and Anastasia from Galileo Galilei group

We returned to the camp and we were very hungry so we ate a lot of bananas. A monkey saw us and, as they were the last bananas, she attacked us and we fought. After 10 minutes we lost and the monkey ran away. We were tired and we went to sleep for two hours. When we got up we realised that we had finished all our food so we went out to look for more but we did't find anything.
Alessandro-IT from Leonardo da Vinci team