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Shaping My World

by Ayla Rose-Knight


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shaping my world
chapter one

“I don't know what to write!” I murmured, while I crumpled up my paper and threw it away. It was exactly eleven thirty-six at night and I had been trying to think of something to write about for my Language Arts class. My mom barged into my room and said “Abby Marie Stanton, what are you doing awake at this hour?” I immediately scrambled over to my bed and my mom turned my desk lamp off with a little click and shut the door. Many things flushed in and out of my head. I only have until Friday to work on this and it's already Tuesday! I worried for at least another hour and salty droplets of tears were coming out of my eye. Oh, and I guess I never introduced myself to you. Well, my name is Abby, Abby Marie Stanton. I've never enjoyed writing, or well, anything in school. I guess I better get to bed before my mom comes in again, the salty tears came back down my face and I cried myself to sleep that night. 

The next morning I went to my Language Arts class like usual.
I was tense, my teacher kept chattering while I was just sitting there slouched over drawing on my hand. Finally it was lunch time. Once I got to the cafeteria, I took a seat with my friends and stayed quiet while they were blabbering about their writing. Then they asked me what I was doing. I completely froze;my tongue was dry like the desert, and my leg was twitching. 

“I haven't written anything yet.” I murmured.

  My friend Molly said, “Then we should help you think of something!”

“What about if you're a fairy? Ooh even better, what if you're in the Hunger Games?!’’ And right then and there I got my idea.

 “What if I made a world, where I could have anything I've ever wanted in it?!” 

“That's fantastic!” exclaimed all of my friends. After I got through all of my classes, the bell finally rang. I dashed home in a hurry. Once I got home, I drafted so many ideas. What if there's a candy house? Or if I can have my own hot air balloon?
I can even have my own limo! I wrote and wrote until dinner and that's when my hand gave out. That night, I didn't fall asleep with sad tears, I fell asleep with joyful tears.
The next morning, I skipped to school with my journal in hand listening to my favorite music artist, Taylor Swift. The fall leaves were crunching under my feet, and for once, I gave Mrs. Gilbert my writing. 

She looked it over and said “Well, my my Abby, this is very creative! I can't wait to see what you do with the ending!” My whole heart filled with joy. I took a seat and started writing and writing. And for the first time class felt short. Sadly the rest of the day didn't feel like that. I rushed home from school and immediately told my parents the news about my writing. I remembered I only had today to finish everything, and I needed to get to work. I wrote and wrote and started transferring my writing onto my chromebook. I read it over and over. I was so proud of myself; I couldn't believe it. I could actually write for once, after years and years of trying, I did it! The next day I sprinted to school and got there pretty early, but it was worth it.