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Project Name: Little Travellers Come Together
This e-book is prepared by; İSTEK Kaşgarlı Mahmut Primary School, Zeytinburnu Ziya Gökalp İlkokulu, Francesco Petrarca, Catania / Italy,
Osnovna škola "Ivana Brlić Mažuranić" Strizivojna in Croatia, Adapazarı ENKA Schools.
Our Aim
Little Travelers Come Together Project is a cultural project. In our project, it is aimed that students between the ages of 7-12 visit important historical and touristic places and learn while having fun. At the same time, it is planned to develop students' individual and cooperative learning skills. In addition to these, it is aimed to raise technology literate individuals in today's digital age.
This e-book page is prepared by; Zeytinburnu Ziya Gökalp Primary School. Deputy Manager / Elif Büşra Yazıcı
About Partner Schools & Turkey: İSTEK Kaşgarlı Mahmut Primary School
İSTEK Foundation which was established by Bedrettin Dalan in 1985, brings up modern and enterprising generations in line with Ataturk's principles and revolutions. Today, our foundation expanding its education chain from Kindergarten to University has a say in the future of Turkey with 22 Kindergartens, 22 Primary Schools, 22  Secondary Schools, 20 High Schools, 14 Science High Schools, and Yeditepe University.

At ISTEK Schools we believe that Ataturk’s reforms and principles are the only alternatives for the Turkish society and thus our principles are based on great thoughts. 
This e-book page is prepared by; İSTEK Kaşgarlı Mahmut Primary School. English teacher & Esra Karahan
About Partner Schools & Turkey: ENKA Schools
Adapazarı ENKA Schools were established in a very short time after the Marmara Earthquake in 1999, for students who were affected by the earthquake.
In 2016 the schools have been providing developed education for 690 students with 165 staffed and 18 part-time employees. In our schools, besides national and international academic curriculums, there are also sports, artistic and cultural programs to support students to be healthy and successful individuals.  
This e-book page is prepared by; ENKA Schools. English teacher & Gamze Otluoğlu
About Partner Schools & Turkey: Zeytinburnu Ziya Gökalp Primary School
It started education with 6 classrooms in 1953-1954. However due to the increasing population, education was also carried out in the barracks in the garden of our school in order to respond to the needs. In 1974, 8 classrooms were added to our school, and in 1990, 8 more classrooms with an annex building to meet the increasing demand for our school has joined.
This e-book page is prepared by; Zeytinburnu Ziya Gökalp Primary School. Teacher: Abdullah CABA.
The first information about the school in Strizivojna dates from 1 December 1829. The school was organized and started operating in 1830.
The first school building with a classroom and a teacher's apartment was erected in Strizivojna in 1858. (It was located on the site of today's elementary school, about half a mile west of the church and the officer's apartment). As parents were reluctant to send their children to school, either because of poverty or because of the need for children to participate in agricultural work, the school generally met the needs.
Today, the school in Strizivojna is a modern school, equipped with modern technology and specialized classrooms. The school is attended by students from 1st to 8th grade. Within the school there is a modern sports hall. In addition to the elementary school "Ivana Brlić Mažuranić" Strizivojna, there is also a regional school Soljak. Elementary school "Ivana Brliž Mažuranić" has been in numerous eTwinning projects and Erasmus + projects for ten years.
This e-book page is prepared by; Osnovna škola "Ivana Brlić Mažuranić" Strizivojna Teacher: Zrinka Racić
About Partner Schools & Italy:
Francesco Petrarca, Catania
This e-book page is prepared by; Francesco Petrarca School, Catania. Teacher: Giuseppe Castiglione
About Partner Schools & Turkey : Şişli BİLSEM
Şişli Science and Art Center (BİLSEM) was opened on the 4th floor of Harbiye Primary School in the 2018-2019 academic year with the approval of the Ministry.
As a result of the renovation, it was arranged as 6 classrooms, 3 administrative rooms and a library.
It is an institution that provides education to gifted students.
Students come to BİLSEM after the Diagnosis Process organized by the General Directorate of Special Education and Guidance throughout Turkey.
The students receive service from BİLSEM from the 1st, 2nd and 3rd grades of primary school until the end of their high school education.

This e-book page is prepared by; Şişli BİLSEM. English teacher & Volkan Karahan