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train and RAM

by Ajaypal Singh


Once upon a time, there lived a boy named Ram in a village in Australia. Near the village, there is a station, so many trains pass from there. One day Ram was playing with his friend. They are playing football Ram kicks his ball very faster. The ball goes down from where the train passes. Ram cried a lot, so he decided to go down to take his ball back. When he goes to take his ball back, he saw that the train track is broken and he also saw the train coming there. He remembers that he has a red cloth from which the train can stop. Then he takes out the red cloth from his pocket and waves it to the sky
The train driver sees a boy waving a red cloth. Then he stops the train. Then he comes out from the train and asks him
The Ram take the train driver to see the broken track when he sees the broken track he thanks Ram and on Children day he was awarded for his bravery