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The Proudest Blue

by Kelly J Lippacher


The Proudest Blue is a story about two sisters, Asiya and Faizah. Asiya, the older sister, is old enough to start wearing a hijab to school. This is an important moment for Asiya. Faizah goes along with her sister and mom to pick out Asiya's hijab. This is the hijab Asiya will wear on the first day of school. Asiya picks out a bright blue hijab.
As Asiya and Faizah walk to school on the first day, Faizah feels like she is walking next to a princess. In Faizah's eyes, Asiya looks beautiful. Faizah can't wait to wear her first hijab to school some day. She knows that her hijab will be bright blue too.
Faizah starts to notice that the people at her school do not understand what Asiya is wearing on her head. Faizah tries to explain that it is called a hijab. She is starting to realize that not everyone can admire or understand the importance of the hijab.
As the story continues, Faizah sees other students making fun of Asiya's hijab. When Faizah looks over to Asiya, Asiya is calm and does not seem bothered. Faizah wonders why the other students are making fun of the hijab.

Will Faizah learn why other students make fun of the hijab? Will Faizah let what other students say or do bother her? Will it affect Asiya?

Read The Proudest Blue to find out what happens and to understand what the hijab means to those who wear them.