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Eabha's Science Experiment

by Eabha Lowe


My Science Experiment
Constructing a car
For this experiment we were working on the engineering and construction aspects of the Primary School Science Curriculum. For this lesson we were asked to use common household items to construct a model car which we could make move without having to push it along. We were given materials like plastic cups, cardboard, wooden dowels , wooden wheels, etc. to make this.
We started off by constructing the frame of the car. We knew we needed something sturdy that wouldn't fall apart if it was moved around too much or too quickly/ To achieve this we kept our model low to the ground to ensure there was a low center of balance and thus it would be a stronger construction. We also made sure to place bits of blue-tack on the end of the b=wooden dowels to prevent the wheels from falling off.
In regards to making the car move without having to touch it we had to think imaginatively and be creative with the materials we had. In the end we decided on a car that as wind powered. We did this by placing a plastic cup on top of the car which would catch the wind and pull the car in the direction of air flow. We made sure to stick the cup down well on to the car with a hot glue gun to prevent it from falling off.
All in all I think we made a really good car model. It was sturdy so it didn't break or fall apart at any stage. It was able to catch the air efficiently and so it moved quite well. We even ended up decorating it for an extra but of fun and to spruce it up a little bit.
Thank you for reading my e-book!