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All About Muscles

by Raya Rousseva


All about muscles
Raya and Lukrecija
Table Of Contents
Muscle Facts
Ch.1 Skeletal Muscles
Ch.2 Tough Tissue
Ch.3 Major Muscle And Deltoid Muscle
Ch.4 Pectoralis Muscles And Abdominal Muscle
Ch.5 Quadriceps
Funny Fact About Glutenous Maximums
Muscle facts
There are over 600 muscles in your body! All muscles are made of tiny cells.Muscle cells can change shape but the muscle can not change only a small part it changes shape of the whole muscle.And did you know that the biggest muscle in your body is the muscle thats your bottom muscle!
Chapter 1 skeletal muscles
Did you know that the skeletal muscle is very important because it lets you move.For example it helps you to do things like eating drawing and writing. Tendons connect the skeletal muscle to the end of your bones In most cases. Skeletal muscles are attached to the skeleton thats why they are called skeletal.You can see the skeletal muscle move under your skin!The skeletal muscle makes you stronger. Actually you make the skeletal muscle stronger by ecsersizing. Also the skeletal muscle is the only muscle that can be controlled by you. Also the skeletal muscle contains multiple fascicles. Did you know that you have face muscles witch help you move your face and show your emotions!
Chapter 2 Tough Tissue
Actually tendons are cords made of tough tissue! They work like special connector pieces in between bones and musters.They are attached very well to your bones.
Chapter 3 Major Muscles And Deltoid Muscle
Major muscles can be found in each shoulder. There is also a muscle called deltoid. A deltoid muscle lets you move your shoulders.