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by lujain


The story of Beowulf
By Lujain
The Idea 1
The 2
The brave Beowulf is coming to 3
The agreement 4
The good news 5
The good news turned upside down .......... page 6
The Idea
Many years ago, in Denmark there lived a rich and noble King called lord Hrothgar, one day he had an idea .The idea was that they could make an humongous home that every citizen could stay in and the builders took 2 years to make the home,the King said'' I shall call the home Heorot'' they were all very happy except one creature . At night time a horrendous giant called Grandel broke the great door into small pieces and killed 30 citizens.
The attack
The next night,the King heard about the giant and the 30 people so the next night they could bring brave warriors to sharpen their swords and try to kill the mysterious creature . The next night, the creature came , it shattered the door into small pieces and came rushing to the hall. After a few seconds, the warriors had been defeated.Then Grendel left.
The brave Beowulf is coming to Denmark
A few months later, Greenland heard about the news and one brave warrior called Beowulf wanted to go and kill the unknown creature, he said ''Dear Lord i have heard that our friends in Denmark have been seeing a unknown creature every night , so I would like to kill the creature .'' the king replied '' ok but stay safe.'' and the King gave him 14 of the most strongest warriors and the fastest ship he had . He went sailing to Denmark.
The agreement
After several hours Beowulf arrived at Denmark,he saw a little boy he asked ''why are you here '' Beowulf replied''I am here to kill the mysterious creature '' okay'' said the boy and led him to the king. The king said ''hello there Beowulf I am sorry but you have come in a bad time.'' Beowulf replied I have heard the news I will defeat the creature and save Denmark.'' The king told him that he had the strongest warriors and they 4 died but the King agreed and gave him a pointy ,sharp sword. But Beowulf said that he could kill it with his bare hands ,the King agreed to let him fight Grendel.