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My Adventures in Kindergarten

by Victoria Beck


My Adventures in Kindergarten
By Ms. Tori
About the author

Before living in Greensboro, Ms. Tori used to live in Durham. She came to Durham from Michigan where she had a first-grade teacher who loved books and sharing them with her class. That's how Ms. Tori learned to love books as well.

Ms. Tori is excited to see how your own books come together. Ms. Tori believes that everyone has a story to tell, we just need to take the time to listen and to read it.
Welcome to your first time at being a real author. When you start to write your own book, you'll see how much fun it can be. You'll get to choose pictures for your book, type your own words that will make up your story, and you can even take your own pictures and record your own voices. You can even read your story aloud. How much fun will that be?! Then once your done, you can share your story with your friends, classmates, teachers, and your parents.

The sky is the reach for the stars and soar to the highest heights!
I wonder what they're
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Now, I'm going to stop writing my book for a moment and start helping you with yours.
We can make these books as chapter books and each day we can write in a new adventure and even put a picture with it.

At the end of the school year, we can print these off and give them to those who care for you as a present and we can also share them with each other and with other teachers.