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the adventures of cheetah girl and turtle girl

by Evy Allen


the adventures of...
there were two girls one was named april and the other was named eva and they were friends. and april when she was little she ate a majical pearl on acsedent. But it gave powers. and eva before her mom died her mom gave her a gem and it gave her powers. and since then they were called cheetah girl and turtle girl!
When eva and april went to highschool turtle girl fell in love with jack but jack was not intrasted in her but april did her best to get him to her. and eva was not intrasted in eny of the seven boys that were in love with her.
i hate the BOYS!
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And one day there was a man called zake and he was in love with april so he asked her too a date and she said no and told him that she liked someone els. and he was so angry that he took a torch and lit the school on fire. and he said, if she dont like me then why should i care about enyone.
But cheetah girl and turtle girl new what to do. So they did there magic and went to save the school. So turtle girl put the fire out and cheetah girl took the people out from the school as fast as she could. And jack fell in love with turtle girl. And while turtle girl was with jack cheetah girl went to look for zake and she found him and turtle girl came to help and put him in jail.