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Svaty Review

by Mykhailo Herbud


Television Show Review
By; Misha Herbud
The title of the television show is 'Svaty'.

The main producer of the television show is the now-president of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

This is a Ukrainian comedy show than is producer in Russian
Background Information
Svaty was first released in 2008.

It has had 7 seasons.

Svaty has won and has been nominated for many awards.

In 2017 it was nominated for Best Comedy TV Series at the Monte Carlo TV Festival.

In 2011 it won Best Actress at Teletriumph.
In 2011 it won Best Director at Teletriumph. .
In 2011 it won Best Producer at Teletriumph..
Popularity & Audience

Svaty is a show meant for families.

It is popular because it Zelensky's work .''He is the Ukrainian president''.
People can watch the show on TV.

It can also be watched Youtube.

I watch the show on Youtube.
Setting & Plot
The setting of Svaty is modern day in a home in a village in Ukraine .

The protagonist is Ivan Stepanovich who is played by Fyodor Dobranravov.

The main plot of the show is there are two sets of grandparents that come to help take care of their granddaughter. The grandparents do not get along.
Favorite Characters
My favorite characters are Ivan and Valentina .

I like Ivan because he is so funny.

One of my favorite scenes with Ivan is when ______________________________________________________.