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Welcome Little Acorns

by Jane Hitch


Welcome Little Acorns!
"From little acorns, mighty oak trees grow..."
Meet our kindergarten team!
Ms. Barnett, Mrs. Friermood, Mrs. Rieck, Mrs. Baldwin, Mrs. Corbin
Meet our Office Staff!
Mrs. Baker - secretary, Mr. Fekete - counselor, Mrs. Herring - assistant principal, Mr. Hoosier - student mentor, Mrs. Egler - secretary, Mrs. Hurst - nurse, Mrs. Hitch - principal, Mrs. Walther - instructional coach, and Oakley our therapy dog.
Is your child ready for school?
Children are apt to get off to a better start in school if they enter Kindergarten with certain basic skills.  The following list indicates some of the skills that children should be working on throughout the preschool years in order to be better prepared for Kindergarten.  This list does not suggest that your child must have all of these items mastered prior to Kindergarten, but if he/she has mastered most of them and is making progress toward others, he/she is probably ready to begin a successful learning experience at school.

Knows his/her name and parents names and can write his/her first name

Speaks clearly and is able to communicate needs

Can separate easily from parents

Independently uses the restroom and knows how to wash hands

Can follow simple one and two-step directions and respects authority

Plays cooperatively with peers- knows how to share and take turns, knows that others have feelings, and knows the importance of being truthful

Can sit quietly for a period of time and listen to a story or attend to a task (try to wean your child from napping over the summer prior to starting kindergarten)

Can recite ABC’s

Can count items up to 10

Knows how to hold a pencil and crayon and has experience drawing and coloring pictures
A Typical Day in Kindergarten
7:40 - 2:30 Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays
8:10 - 2:30 Wednesdays
Community Circle
Reading Workshop
Writers Workshop
Math Workshop
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