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Welcome to 6th grade!

by Johanna Sanchez


Welcome to 6th grade with Mrs. Sanchez!
A little about Mrs. Sanchez
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Welcome to 6th grade! I am Mrs.Sanchez. I am beyond excited to embark in the adventure of being your teacher this year! 
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I am married to my husband Odilon, and we have a four-year-old son, as well as a dog named Remi. When I am not in the classroom I love having dinners with my extended family, trying new recipes, and exercising.
About me
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You are the reason...
I love teaching because I love the relationships I get to build with you! It brings a smile to my face to be able to provide a place where you and I can make mistakes, learn, and grow together. Let's embark on this 6th grade adventure! 
Mrs. Sanchez

On the first week of school we will create classroom expectations together following the model of:

-Coming to school prepared and ready to learn.
-Participating in class, and being willing to share.
-Being respectful and kind to yourself, and everyone around you.

Students should make every effort to be present. When an absence is unavoidable, students will check their absent folder that will be on their desk, and talk to the teacher about any work missed.

I believe students should be responsible for their actions and prefer to use positive reinforcement whenever I can and use consequences as a learning opportunity for positive growth. Parents will only be contacted if the poor behavior continues or is severe, at that time we will work together to develop a behavior plan. Consequences for unwanted behavior are as follows:


One-on-One Conversation

Call/email home
Classroom and Student Expectations
Classroom management
Classroom and Student Expectations cont.
I will do my best to send home a basic behavior report every other week with a list of missing assignments and a report on students’ behavior for those weeks. This progress report does need to be signed and returned. 

All assignments will be given a due date, typically at the end of the week, and should be turned in ON TIME. Late work will be accepted but may have points reduced.
If assignments are not turned in on time, they will be given a 0 in Skyward until the assignment has been turned in and graded. 

Redos on Assignments: Students may redo any assignment they received less than 70% on, if they wish to earn a better grade. The redo must show their work and how they got their new answer, not just the correct answer. 
Math Assignment Redos: Students will be asked to redo all math assignments that they score less than 70% on.
Students will need to read 100 minutes every week. Students may schedule their own reading schedule as long as the 100 minutes are met by the end of the week (7 days). A calendar will be sent home at the beginning of each month to be filled out, and will need to be returned at the end of the month with a parent signature. This will count as part of their independent reading grade.

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