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Recycling day

by Cettina Catalano


On 18 February, as part of the Erasmus plus project "EUROPIA, BUILDING NEW EUROPEAN DREAMS", we organized the "recycling day". Yet, we wanted to apply it to the specificity of our school, the catering industry, so we deepened the good practices of food recycling with different activities.
In the organizational and preliminary phase, we interviewed teachers, chefs, mothers, and classmates, asking them about original, good and well-presented recipes, but made with food waste. The recipes came in the form of a video and with them we created this digital book, which was then presented during the day to the classes gathered in the assembly hall.
In addition to the video of one of his lessons on the use of waste in the kitchen for the creation of excellent dishes, teacher D'Anna, chef of the school, , has donated a small collection of recipes of dishes he created, in fact, only with food waste, which we printed and distributed to students and teachers in the hall.
Among the activities of the day, there was also a live video with the cooking workshop, where teacher Chiaramonte made his lesson with the third-year students, creating exceptional dishes of Palermo gastronomy using with skill the leftovers of the day before.
At the end of the "recycling day", a teacher from the Erasmus team shared a work carried out by ENI, aimed at drawing young people's attention to the urgent need to reduce waste, reflecting on good practices aimed both at avoiding waste and at encouraging the pressing need to recycle waste, if we want to do something for our Planet.

The Erasmus students
The live chef
A chef!
The student
The grandmother