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Our PSHE Curriculum Book

by Clare Walsh


Mount Carmel
Catholic School
Our PSHE Curriculum
The Power of Learning through PSHE
'I have come so that they may have life and have it to the full.'
Mark 10:10
Mount Carmel Values

Our aim is for every child to leave here an Ambassador of Christ.
Our values are deeply rooted in the high expectations that we have of each child in the school. Our Values permeate across the school through children's learning, friendships, behaviour and leadership.
Our values come from the Church.

C - consideration
H - helpfulness
U - unity
R - respect
C - commitment
H - honesty
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Our British Values

Our children learn about our British Values through 5 areas. These are discussed at whole school liturgies and during lunch times. We are committed to serving our community, with the strong belief that we are one school for all.
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Our Power Values

Our aim is for every child to leave with the power to make a positive change in the world. Through our subjects there are five themes that we believe are integral with teaching children how to become powerful adults.

We ensure that these themes run through our subjects. Children learn about 5 areas of power - Education, Religion, Resources, People and Legacy.
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Our aim for your child by the time they leave Mount Carmel.
Our PSHE Curriculum is written for the needs of our children. There are 7 areas that we focus on to help the development of your child throughout their time at Mount Carmel:-

Black History Month
Safety Rules and Stereotypes
The Power of Learning
For every child to know that everyone is different. This includes how we look, how we think, how we like and dislike different things. Children will learn that not everyone has the same skin colour as them and we treat everyone with respect, despite all our differences.
For children to learn about Walter Hull
and to know why he was different from most
people of his time.

Discuss how racism in sport affects
others and the game - look at websites like ‘Kick-It Out’ or ‘Give Racism the
Red Card’ to underline this.
For children to learn about Nelson
Mandela and his fight for equality with colour.

Children to create their own fact file with information
about Nelson Mandela.
How Black History is taught across the school
For children to learn
that for many families, they could not go to school because of their colour
– until they fought back!

To design a webpage that advertises why
Mount Carmel is inclusive of all families from around the world.
Children will learn about the positive trade connection between Ancient Greece and Egypt.
Children will explore artwork depicting African and Aegean people.
When and how did Ancient Greece and Egypt establish a connection? Why
was the black glaze ideally suited for representing black skin? What depictions of Ethiopians can be seen in Greek art? What does this suggest
about some of the occupations held?

To look at Racism in Britain and how it was addressed with the Bristol Boycott.
Children to design their own placards which has an inspirational quote,
that supports anti-racism.

Black History Month - To research the
internet to collect information about the Windrush
Generation and to design the new statue for Waterloo station. This is being
done as an apology for the reaction from the 2012 Immigration Law change.
The Power of Learning
For children to understand that when someone always hurts them, to learn how to say that they are hurting them. They will learn that if someone continues to do this, that they must speak to someone that can help them.
To identify different types of bullying
and explain what to do if they are being/witness bullying

To identify and explain a range of
positive and negative emotions

To understand how to share feelings

To understand how to keep my body and
mind healthy.
To identify different types of bullying
and explain what to do if they are being/witness bullying

To explain what conflict is and ways of
resolving conflict

To explain that to do if conflict

To explain how to call 999