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Y1 Autumn 1

by Clare Walsh


Mount Carmel
Catholic School
Year 1 Autumn Term 1
The Power of Learning
'I have come so that they may have life and have it to the full.'
Mark 10:10
Mount Carmel Values

Our aim is for every child to leave here an Ambassador of Christ.
Our values are deeply rooted in the high expectations that we have of each child in the school. Our Values permeate across the school through children's learning, friendships, behaviour and leadership.
Our values come from the Church.

C - consideration
H - helpfulness
U - unity
R - respect
C - commitment
H - honesty
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Our British Values

Our children learn about our British Values through 5 areas. These are discussed at whole school liturgies and during lunch times. We are committed to serving our community, with the strong belief that we are one school for all.
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Our Power Values

Our aim is for every child to leave with the power to make a positive change in the world. Through our subjects there are five themes that we believe are integral with teaching children how to become powerful adults.

We ensure that these themes run through our subjects. Children learn about 5 areas of power - Education, Religion, Resources, People and Legacy.
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Our Religious Education Curriculum.
Families - God’s love and care for every

Belonging - Baptism: an invitation to
belong to God’s family

Family, belong, God, love, care,
different, God’s children, psalm, family of God, response

Sign of the Cross, belong, belonging friends, sacrament, invitation, welcome,
Baptism, godparents, font, sign
This half term we will be learning ...
All about Me!
Through books, we will be learning about our past.
The Power of Learning
English - Writing
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National Curriculum
Spell words containing each of
the 40+ phonemes already taught

Spell the days of the week
Naming the letters of the alphabet in order Write dictated sentences
Sit holding a pencil comfortably and correctly Begin to form lowercase letter
Form capital letters Understand handwriting ‘families’
Sequencing sentences to form short narrative
Discuss what they have written Leaving spaces between words
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Letter - Jolly Postman
Phonic knowledge
Sentence structure
Word families
Capital letters
Sentence/word order
Questions/question marks
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Key Vocabulary
Myself, mother, before, Father, First, then, after that, finally, 
Common Exception words
the a do to today of said
says are were was is his has I 
you Your they be He me she we
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The Power of Learning
English - Reading
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National Curriculum

To be able to match graphemes for all phonemes.

To read accurately by blending sounds.

Read Phonic Books aloud
Children's reading is a priority.

Children practice their reading skills through:

Reading aloud to an adult every day.
Guided reading sessions.
Daily Phonic Sessions.
Independent reading books.
Stories being read by an adult.

Non-fiction and Fiction books connected to 'All about me'