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The Space Gem

by Sophie Bee


One windy day Amelia was reading a space book Chip Biff and Anna walked in. Amelia was sitting on her bed riding the space book “hi Amelia said Anna Amelia got this new toy from her mum and she really wanted to show everyone. It was a spaceship just then the book on 
Amelia ‘s bed started to glow. 

Amelia and her friends started to get smaller and smaller until they went into Amelia ‘s book.  
They saw in the dissidents a person it started running to them but biff saw what it was“an eilian! said biff The eilian said that we need to get the space gem to get the book back just then they saw the jem they gave it to the eilian .
Before they knew it they were back home.”What a fun adventure” said Amelia they opened the book and saw them and the eilian. Amelia ‘s mum walked in Amelia showed her mum the photo in her book but it was not there
But then she felt it in her pocket and there it was the photo from the book