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by Midori Dwy


Written by Midori Dwy
Written by Midori Dwy
Chapter One Cusps
"Did you hear the news?" Her bittersweet mother asked.
"I sure did! Seven whole Cusps found!" he replied, exclaiming. "They're extreme powers too... One caused a fire flood, a Scorpio-Leo Cusp. Another caused a tsunami, a Cancer-Gemini Cusp. I hear they feel the power not flowing, but bursting through their veins."

Aspen Undergrove had heard her parents discuss the issue-- the Cusps-- every day. The Cusps have become a major issue-- even though it was, it was now amplified-- since rumor of a rebellion had spread. Though the news called it a rebellion, it was better known as The Society. A place where Cusps came to fight back, a place for safety. But the Cusps standing a chance is just some old housewive's story. Nothing could happen . . . could it?

Later on, when Aspen was lying in her bed she remembered her father's words, "I hear they feel the power not flowing, but bursting through their veins." She often felt that even though she hadn't manifested, or made things physically appear, even though she was 13. If she doesn't manifest by the time she turns 14, she goes to the asylum. It's where she will be experimented on, stuck with needles, isolated from everyone but lab coats. There, in the asylum, she would be accused of being a potential cusp.
Chapter Two
Aspen awoke the next morning, drenched in sweat, the remains of her nightmare. She had dreamed a horrible dream. In which, she was going to school like she did every day of her life. She went to gym, like any other normal day, yet it was there where everything went wrong. While everyone else her age was practicing their power, Aspen was still standing in the corner, like always, thinking of how to manifest. But this time, it was different.
She manifested.

When a kid was drawing a flame, something inside her began to feel hot, burning. It startled her at first, like living her whole life in the dark, and then suddenly a blinding light got switched on. Aspen's dream ended when flames drew to her hands. But it felt too real to be a dream, something about it. The power rushing through her veins, it felt strong... much too strong.
Aspen then walked into the kitchen with weary steps. "You look pale, dear. Are you alright? Maybe you should lay down," her mother told her.

"I'm fine," Aspen replied, not sounding at all convincing. She then plopped down on a stool with a bowl of cereal in her hand. Each time she took a bite it took an effort not to spit it out. She was in no mood for eating. It felt like she had never woken up. She could nearly still feel the flames on her palms.

Aspen's morning was a blur-- eat, pack, get to school. She couldn't pay attention in her classes. It felt like the school turned the heater on its highest setting. Her hands through each class remained with the heat from her dream.

It was midday now, and she was at school in gym class. She still felt like fire could spring out of her palms at any minute. There was the same kid from her dream practicing using fire. It wasn't anything special that she pictured his face. She knew he was an Aries already. She looked at her hands. They looked the same way they have every single day of her life. But her hands felt hot, not hot, burning. She imagined fire forming on her hands. No, it couldn't happen. It was just a dream. Well, it was just a dream until it actually happened.
Chapter 3
Fire Sign
Everyone saw the fire ignite on Aspen's palms. She had manifested! The gym teacher walked up to her, with a smile on her face. "Well, Aspen Undergrove. It was about time. A fire sign!" my gym teacher, Ms. Brown praised. "Now we have to test the extent of your power, follow me Miss Undergrove," Ms. Brown told Aspen.

Ms. Brown led Aspen into a small, white wallpapered room. With a medical bed and some cabinets, presumably holding medical equipment. Maybe even needles. Oh, Aspen has trypanophobia.

"Okay Aspen, let's start with some blood tests." Blood tests use needles, of course. And that isn't good for her trypanophobia, of course.

After Ms. Brown took the blood tests, Aspen had to wait for the results. "So, what is the need for blood tests after I manifest, Ms. Brown?" Aspen questioned.

"Oh, you have nothing to worry about, Aspen. It's just to check in case you're a cusp. But that's rather rare. And hopefully, we will end them all soon."

"Why do I need to take a test for being a Cusp, Ms. Brown? I manifested one power," Aspen asked.
"Well, it's standard procedure, Aspen. We check everyone. Ever noticed some of the newly manifested disappearing? Well, they went to a place that they deserve, below." Ms. Brown's words sent a chill down Aspen's spine. Below? Before Aspen could finish pondering, Ms. Brown interrupted her thoughts. "Aspen, now I'm going to ask you some questions; answer truthfully." Aspen nodded and then Ms. Brown started questioning her.
"Have you ever felt different around water?"
"Have you ever felt different in nature?"
"Have you ever felt different when the wind blows?"
"Has anything recently been different in your life? Has anything felt different?" Ms. Brown asked.
"Well, all day it has felt like the heater has been fully on and my palms have been hot," Aspen told Ms. Brown.
"That's because you have manifested as a fire sign, Aspen. Anything else? Anything you could think of that would be a second power?" Ms. Brown explained coldly.

Aspen thought about her dream and how she knew that she would manifest as a fire sign. But she just shook her head, trying to look convincing. But Ms. Brown noticed something change in her expression.