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Global Education

by Cristobal Jose Perez-Siragusa Martinez

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Voice of the Future
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Article about the issue of ensuring global education .
Wednesday 30th March 2022
Global Education
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Words by Cristóbal José Pérez-Siragusa Martínez

The concept of education is something we take for granted; a phenomenon that repeats 5 days a week, either at school or at home. But what happens to those who live on the other side of the spectrum? Those who may never have gone a single day at school. Don't these people deserve
an education? Education in poor countries and regions of the world is almost non-existent, and the only places where it exists is on those that have the economical capacity to pay for private organizations. As a result of poverty and marginalization, more than 72 million children in primary school remain unschooled, and more than 60 million kids in secondary school do as well. Apart from all this, another aspect that we have yet to speak of is women’s education. According to UNESCO’s estimates, around the world, 129 million girls are out of school, including 32 million of primary school age, and 97 million of secondary school. Women around the world are denied an education because, from a young age, are taught they must stay home and take care of the household, while the men work. This is a sexist custom that affects girls greatly beyond their control, and suppresses them.
Words by Cristóbal José Pérez-Siragusa Martínez

There may be lots of solutions for this, but the main ones are: adoption of tech, teacher training, more government spendings, inclusive education system, quality education, and contribution of the private sector. Adoption of tech is the appliance of new and innovative technological inventions like laptops, printers, wifi, and many other things. Teacher training is making sure the teachers are capable of giving our children the knowledge they need and are well trained to deliver this knowledge. The government should spend more money on the education of their countries, instead of using it for non-important things like building, commerce, and sometimes even for their own benefit. The education system should not only be more open and understanding of everyone’s situation, but should promote the inclusion of everybody who needs an education, no matter their ethnicity, race, or sexual orientation. Apart from all of this, the education should be of optimal quality and the utmost educational ambience. All of these might only be a dream if it is not supported by everyone, this refers to the private sector and its very powerful assets. In conclusion, education around the world is a priviledge to those who can afford it. To those who can't, which is most of us, have to work with what we have; little to no education.We must not conform with this. It is up to us to fix this issue. Let's do it for our children, and their children as well. 
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