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The Violets Memory Book

by Michelle Sheehan


The Violets- 4th Class Memory Book

My favourite memories of 4th class 
by Evan N

I had a great year in 4th class. I have lots of good memories of the things we did together.
We got to present our project at the ESB science blast and go and view lots of other school’s projects too.  While we were there we also got to watch the Invisible Worlds show which was cool  and our class got to take home a trophy.
The school was very lucky to get the Astro Pitch this year.  Our class got to use it for lots of activities like football, racing, playing Build-Up and Tag etc.  
I made lots of new friends this year too when the three classes were mixed together to make new classes.  
I am looking forward to getting back to school and starting 5th class.

Bradley's Favourite Memories
On my birthday when we had sweets and played lots of games.

When it was Hallowe'en and we all dressed up.

When I met my class, it was the most exciting day this year!
Nadine's Favourite Memories
At Christmas when I made chocolate snowmen with my class and Ms. Sheehan.

I was also delighted when I was Star of the Week.

I loved 4th Class with my friends and Ms. Sheehan.