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Women In Whiskey

by Geoffrey Hunter

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The Black Women behind the whiskey industry in the United States. There are four women that you all should know about, Eboni Major, Samara Rivers, Victoria Eady Butler, and Fawn Weaver.
Often when one thinks about the whiskey industry as a whole, the image that comes to mind is that of white males. I wanted to explore deeper to reveal that the true face of whiskey in the United States is Black. Not only Black, but Black Women are leading and changing the landscape of the entire industry. I decided on this topic based on a trip to Nashville Tennessee to experience The Uncle Nearest Distillery. I relate this to the course readings around racial discrimination, the unfair treatment of people based on the color of their skin and their sex. This is also an important part of our history that was never openly told, reminds me about the documentary that we watched, High on the Hog. So much rich history.

Women in Whiskey

There are a few women in the whiskey industry that many people do not know about. I wanted to highlight them in this Zine. These women are Eboni Major, a former Blender at Bulleit distillery who faced discrimination in the workplace that forced her to resign and sue the company. Samara Rivers, Founder of the Black Bourbon Society, BBS, working to create equality in the whiskey industry. Victoria Eady Butler, Master Distiller and Great Great Grand Daughter of Nearest Green. Fawn Weaver, CEO of Uncle Nearest Distillery.

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IMAGE CAPTION Fawn Weaver, CEO of Uncle Nearest