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The Room

by Gelinas, Jordan

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The room
There are three kids, all siblings 13, 14, and 15. 13-year-old
Jess is super intelligent but has asthma. 14-year-old Conor plays soccer but is
very emotional. Lastly, 15-year-old Brady is kind and sweet but has bad vision.
They walk down to their parents to complain that they are bored. The parents
respond saying “Go, take the bus to an escape room if you successfully finish it.
You each win, 20 $.” The three siblings accept their challenge.
Jess, Brady, and Conor are all really excited about the
escape room, but they must decide which one to go to. Conor wants to go to an escape
room, which was Halloween themed. Jess suggested going to an earth themed
escape room. Jess wants to go to this one because all the kids are really interested
in earth themes. But Brady suggested going to an army themed room. He chose this
because Brady is the most interested in this topic. But everyone decided on an
earth themed room, because everyone is familiar with this room. It took ten to
fifteen minutes to get there.
Brady, Jess, and Conor make it to the escape room. The
lady at the front desk told them that they needed three keys to get out. Then,
they enter the room. The room is verry nice, there is lots of information about
the earth. There are a ton of maps and globes. Brady is so distracted with all
the globes. That is one of his biggest interests and a lot of historical
The first thing they noticed was an iPhone. The phone
had the earth picture on it. Jess picks up the phone, there is a key underneath
the earth picture. One of the three keys that they need.
Conor then finds one on a map. Brady also notices the
first key said ‘’wish if’ and the second key said ‘you’. So, now they’re
guessing a part of it is, ‘wish if you’ …

Then the phone goes off,
‘Ring Ring’! Jess picks up the phone and it says your oxygen in the room is low.
“It’s at 20%”, the caller, said as he hung up. Just then, a key popped up out
the phone, the last key. Then, as they had
presumed, it said ‘’dare’ ’No one cared about the
oxygen being low anymore, because they had the last key. One thing that had a
bad impact was because the phone does not work. Conor put his key in. Then,
Jess and last Brady. They twist their keys at the same time. A huge buzzer goes
off. ‘They did it, so they thought.’ The doors did not open.
Then they start
panic. Everyone is looking everywhere for the key. But they found nothing,
everyone is tired and there is not much air left.

Everyone starts talking about the great times in their
life and how happy they are to have a beautiful life. They talk about their friends
and family. Jess said I wish my life did not end like that, but I am happy with
it. Brady said I love all of you, but I am sad that I did not get my twenty
dollars. Everyone starts laughing knowing they’re going to die of no oxygen.
They start to cry and start to fall asleep.
 The night
janitor named Al who worked in this facility, cleans the three rooms and each
room takes an hour to clean.  Al is just
about done with the second room. He finishes and enters the earth room as he
sees the keys. The first thing he noticed was the air was off. He turned it on
and started cleaning. He goes in the back and sees the kids. He thinks that
they had finished the room and got tired but then he noticed the blue on their
fingers, and on their faces. But it starts to go away. The kids wake up
confused and think they died. Al asks them if they need a doctor. Surprisingly they
said no, and the reason is because they don’t want to worry their parents. They
leave and take the bus home.
 It is night now and
the parents give them each 20$ Everyone is super happy but inside they feel
scared. But that night their parents will never know what really happened.