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McNally D/G Block
Two Sides
By Elizabeth
Two Sides
BOOM! Thalia could hear the cannons thundering in the distance. She had just made the leap from the abandoned house that she and her two sisters lived in to the roof next door. Thalia was often grateful that she lived in France because of the climbable rooftops. This was how she and her sisters got around because of the Nazis patrolling the street on a daily basis. If the girls were found, they would be killed! As Thalia bounded from rooftop to rooftop, she slowly got closer to the battle in the distance. BOOM! Every time a cannon fired, it shook the rooftop where Thalia was standing. She looked down from the edge of the building she was on, and did a double take. Beneath her, what looked like hundreds of wounded soldiers were calling for help. But there was one in particular, just below her, who was moaning in pain. She knew she couldn’t just leave him there. She knew how it felt to lose family. But… What about her sisters? She paused. She would go back to the house, find Maya and Penny, pack, and then take the soldier to a medical tent. She bent over the soldier, telling him that she would come back for him. Thalia peeked at his dog tags. One of them, in bright gold letters, said Jonathan. So that was his name. He seemed to be about 18 , maybe 19, with blond hair and blue eyes. She backed away, all the while telling herself that he would live until she got back.
She scurried back up the building and dashed across the rooftops, hardly feeling her frozen feet. She slipped through the window of the abandoned house and onto the padded carpet. She saw the bookcase on her left, longing to sit down and read a book, but the didn’t have time for that.
Her thoughts drifted to how the house was when she found it. The abandoned house really was a mystery. When the girls had found it, it had been abandoned for a while, judging from the look on the outside. But on the inside, it was still as neat as a pin. Even more mysterious was the fact that there was still fresh food inside the huge pantry. Thalia pulled a little book out of the bookcase and a hidden door opened up. Inside stood a girl, who was slowly rocking a baby in her arms. Maya and Penny. The three girls were orphans. Their mother had been dead for about a year and a half. After Thalia told Maya what had happened, she silently started packing a bag. She told Thalia that this was foolish, but she wasn’t going to stop her. Then, the three girls headed out. They ran across the rooftops until they got to the battle. Jonathan groaned softly as she lifted him onto her back. He was heavy. Really, really heavy. She whispered to Maya that she couldn’t carry him on the rooftops, so they would have to go on the ground. They started walking, but it was progressively getting darker, and Thalia was getting tired. They decided to rest for the night. She set Jonathan down, and then slowly drifted off to sleep. 
She awoke to a huge BOOM! She opened her eyes, panicking. What if Maya or Penny was hurt? What if Jonathan needed help? What if… Her thoughts trailed off  as she realized what she was seeing. Overnight, the fight must have shifted, because they were now in the middle of a battle. Which meant the medicine tent had shifted to.  Nazis and Americans were head on head with each other, swinging their bayonets and shooting their guns.  BOOM! A cannon crashed, and Penny awoke with a whimper. Thalia and Maya looked at each other. They knew what to do.
 They sprinted out of the battle, not pausing to adjust Jonathan on Thalia’s shoulders, or to rock Penny. Out of the battle, into an alley and onto the street they ran. Thalia’s legs were starting to shake. But all she was worried about was to get Jonathan and Penny to safety. As they rounded the corner, Thalia sighed with relief at what she saw.  Standing in the alleyway was an American Red Cross medicine tent. She dragged Jonathan  into the tent and collapsed. Her head was spinning. She heard Maya explaining, but she was too tired to help. She didn’t care what happened now. All she knew  was that she was safe. 
The Strange Vacation
By: Beatrice
Most exciting, dangerous  mysteries don't happen in a beautiful green forest, except this one. The kristoffs piled into the electric blue van. The only thing on their mind was the four hour drive to Looming Willow forest. After thirty long minutes Melody was sound  asleep, curled up snugly next to Alice. It was spring break and the cheapest spot they could find to vacation at  was Looming Willow forest. The family was going through money troubles and a few members had passed away suddenly. The family needed a nice, long  relaxing break. They listened to music and watched videos for most of the drive  until they got hungry. They stopped at a gas station and grabbed some food then looked at the timer. They were ten minutes away!!  When they arrived they parked in the gravel lot  and took a refreshing breath of mountain air . There was an old man standing at the front of a long, winding trail. He  was wearing a button that said Protect Forests.  He explained his name was Mr. Josh and he owned the forest. He said that they were welcome to call him at any time except five, NEVER five. Then he gave them a map and told them to stick to the trail. Then he left without another word.The family started to realize there was something odd about the map. Only one thing was marked, EXIT.
The family made their way to the campsite and unpacked.When they were done they took a long stroll pointing out some things they thought were compelling. After eating a speedy dinner of burnt sausages they retreated to the tents to sleep. When they got there they saw something strange. Their blankets were…gone.
The next morning Alice shivered in the cold tent. She remembered the blankets were gone and  she and her sister hurried into their parents' tent and saw them lacing up their boots.
They said that they had decided to go explore. As soon  as  they had gotten dressed they exited the tent and they saw something odd. A lot of random leaves and sticks had been thrown into the path. Somebody, something had been there. Looking closer at the footsteps they realized the dirt was dry and cracked. It wasn’t new. After having a quick breakfast of bagels and apple juice they started on the path to explore. As they continued  they saw more hints that somebody had been there. A branch skewed into the way of the path or some footprints. Finally they approached a log cabin. They cautiously opened the door to see…. Nobody. There were some shelves, a stove, and a washer. In the corner there was a bed. A regular wooden four-post. Two comfortable pillows and on top of them something strangely familiar. Two quilted blankets that looked suspiciously like the blankets from the tent. They took them and walked back to the tent.
When they arrived back at the tents it was time for lunch. They ate some sandwiches and drank water. They decided to go on another walk.  The Kristoffs walked for a while but after twenty minutes they realized they were back at that peculiar  cabin. This time the bed was unmade as if somebody had been in it. Lying on it was a Tree Protection shirt. Alice said that they should go before the owner came back. Soon, they made their way back to the tents. When they arrived there the old man that greeted them was standing there. He wore the same forest protection button and a new frown on his face. Then two police officers exited the tent. Mr.Josh held up the blankets and smirked. He said that he was surprised they had stolen.Suddenly a look of shock passed over Mr. Kristoff's
face. The shirt, five o clock rule, cabin, and  TREE PROTECTION button.  they all had something in common. The answer. Mr. Josh.