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by Andrew Ajayi


written and illustrated by andrew ajayi
table of contens
all about dogs 1
10 facts about dogs 3
dogs outside 4
glossary 5
chapter 1 all about dogs page 1
Dogs are mean also they can weigh at least 5 pounds. but they can only jump 2 feet that's crazy. dogs have long feet and they bark like a siren. it is really loud. they run as fast as a chipmunk did you know that. also they have sharp claws but they only use it to shoo away prey. and There are several things that dogs and cats have in common they both have the same type of fur and there are only 2% of a cat barking.
They eat dog food and meat like tigers. did you know that there are not just pet dogs there can be wild dogs to bark! bark! bark! that is how loud dogs bark. dogs howl when they are sad just like wolves but I do not think they are real. which one do you like better a cat or a dog I like the cat I am a cat person
chapter 2 5 facts about dogs page 3
dogs can dance on 2 feet
people can translate dogs
dogs have sharp claws
a dog can be a wild dog
a dog is lighter than a cat
page 4 chapter 3 dogs outside
Dog paw in your door when they want you to take them for a walk. dogs like to go in the wild and be free. sometimes dogs get lost. dogs live in the wild and at your home. dogs have fluffy fur and they bark really loud. and that is all the facts I know about dogs.
chapter 4 glossary page 5