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Tuesday 2nd March 2021
"The Project lands in America!"
Turin, 02/03/2021
Started in Italy, on 21st September 2020, the Project is going to involve the students from Murtaugh Middle School, Idahoo, U.S.A., beyond our friends from Polond, Romania, Finland, Greece, Germany, The Netherlands, Estonia.
Teachers from Sri Lanka and Mexico will also take part in the meeting as special guests.
2 - Turin, 02/03/2021
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"IC Pacchiotti - Via Revel"
Our editorial staff at work
School Year: 2020/2021

- IC Pacchiotti - Via Revel, Torino, Italy
- “Gheorghe Munteanu Murgoci” National College Braila, Romania
- Szkoła Podstawowa, Kielce, Poland
- Lappeio 1st Gymnasio, Naoussa, Greece
- Lahden yhteiskoulu school, Lahti, Finland
- Montessori Zentrum Freising, Freising, Germany
- Põlva School, Estonia
- Isendoorn College, Warnsveld, The Netherland

Coordinating school: I.C. “Pacchiotti Revel” Torino, Italy
Project Reference teachers: Silvana Mariella, Alessia Grasso
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Due to the pandemic spreading, all over the world schools are facing one of the most crucial period ever, which is deeply affecting our lives.
After the long forced lockdown in many countries in the last school year, we are slowly seeing an increasing number of children return to their classrooms. Given the difficulty of the situation and variation across the globe, countries are in different stages regarding how and when they plan to reopen schools.
Each country with its own national government has taken its own decisions, often in discussion with local authorities, about how and when to open schools and in many countries schools have already started with mixed results.
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Our editorial staff
In Poland the same as in the whole world, the fight against the coronavirus pandemic is ongoing
Szkoła Podstawowa, Kielce, Poland
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The first case of a laboratory confirmed SARS-CoV-2 infection in Poland was that of a man hospitalised in Zielona Góra, announced officially on 4 March 2020. The local transmission phase of SARS-CoV-2 in Poland was declared to the World Health Organization on 10 March. The first death from coronavirus disease was on 12 March.
Since then the lockdown restrictions were tightened, requiring individuals walking in streets to be separated by two metres, closing parks, boulevards, beaches, hairdressers and beauty salons. A followup regulation on 10 April loosened the restrictions on public gatherings starting from 20 April, allowing religious gatherings and funerals to be held for up to a maximum of 50 people.
It lasted until the holiday time between July to August when the goverment was assuring that the Covid pandemic time is over. It resulted in loosening almost all the restrictions and coming students back to school in September.
Polish situation
By our Polish students
continued from the previous page
Although the second wawe was predicted to happen and against the teachers’ organisatios opinion students were forced to go to school ...but it did not take long.
From the 10th of October, the country was divided into zones where the restrictions were applied again. The obligation to cover the nose and mouth in public spaces – in shops, buses, and also on the streets throughout the country became obligatory. Restaurants and pubs were closed except for takeaway orders. Schools moved to online teaching only, and gyms and swimming pools were also closed. Public gatherings were limited to five people only. 

All the restrictions above lasted until 17th January 2021.
Moreover, the government decided to change the date of winter holiday and this school year all the children were supposed to stay home from the Christmas time untill 17th January. Taking into account the fact that everything was closed, all the young people spent their free time at their houses ….online.
From Friday, February 12th, there has been in power a set of changes in government restrictions one more time. The hotels, cinemas, theaters, outdoor pitches, swimming pools and ski slopes are opened again but with some restrictions. The shopping malls have been working with maintaining the sanitary regime. Museums and art galleries have opened their doors to the visitors as well.
Warsaw in November 2020.
Vaccination process in Poland began on December 28, 2020.
People in Poland long appeared hesitant to get vaccinated against COVID-19. Then they saw celebrities and politicians scandalously jump the line for the jab. Like in many other countries, there is a shortage of the COVID-19 vaccine.
It is almost a year that we have been living with the virus. It influances our work/learning, relationships, home budgets and of course our health.
We are tired, we lack motivation and many of us are loosing the faith that it is possible to win this war with the virus. We all seek normal life.
Back and Better: Estonian situation
By Kirke Karolin Tark
8a, Põlva School
Date: 23.02. 2021
On February 19th, Estonia was confirmed to be in fifth place in the world of daily new confirmed COVID-19 cases per million. We have a population of only 1.3 million people and the number of daily confirmed cases is about 700. Sometimes it’s 900, sometimes 500. It doesn’t feel good as a small country. Only 2% of our population has been vaccinated with two shots, even more with only one. Medical staff has been vaccinated, a lot of elder people have already got the vaccine and the teachers have just started vaccinating.

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