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Escambia County Sports Pass

District Athletic Director
Casey Thiele

Office (850)316-3963
Cell (850)281-3200
Directions on how to get the 2023-24 Escambia County sports pass for full-time employees.

The Escambia County Sports pass will allow only you into all middle school and high school regular season contests.

Post-season athletic contests will NOT honor the Escambia County Sports pass

First, you must use your School email: to set up the account

Then, find your Skyward Employee ID number (Only the last five numbers are used)
How to find your SKyward Employee ID number
Step one
Log into SKyward to find your Employee ID
Step 2
Click on Personal information
Step 3
Click on Employee INFO
Now you can see your Employee ID

The last five numbers are what you will use

UNLESS the first number is a "0"

Then just list the last four numbers in GoFan under the ACCESS Code box
Android users must log onto:
IPhone users will download
The GoFan APP
You must search for Escambia County Schools and see above.

You CANNOT go to a specific game (Tate versus PHS) and enter your Skyward ID.

Your Employee Pass will be stored on your phone for one year and reused again and again
This is what you are looking for
Here is where you enter your employee number