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Maria's Journey

by Maria Zapata-Lopez


My Journey
My family

I have a big family and they are all very important to me in my life.
I have two siblings Sebastian and Luciana, I’m really close with my sister, I'm just one year older than her so we have always been almost like twins and sebastian is two years older than me and I like to spend time with him, but now is studying university in Germany so he is not living in my parents house anymore.
with my siblings I like to do all kinds of things like playing tennis, or even going out, I like going in the car with them and with music, sometimes my brother used to pick my sister and I from school and with his friend and I sometimes invited friend over, so my car was always really fun.
My parents Daniela and Mauro, they are really loving and understanding parents, I have a really good relationship with them, my mom is very adventurous and espontaneus she always find fun things to do, and also my friends like my parents so I always invite them to my house, my house is a really fun place, it's always full of people.

My home
My hometown where I was born, grew up and have lived all my life is Mexico City, one of the 5 largest cities in the world, the truth to be honest, although I love my city, if for many people it can be chaos, it is a very busy city where there can be anything, good things and bad things, but there is something that my city has that I love and I think it is the colors, the history, the food, the smells, the culture, and even if it is chaos that is what what makes it special.
I love my house it is always full of people, it is a safe space and it is really fun there is always visits, my friends, family, my siblings friends, or my parents friends, everybody of you is welcome to my house always.
I like living in Mexico and I am proud to be Mexican, although my country is not in the best state at the moment, the economic situation in Mexico is bad and poverty is increasing every time, thanks to the corrupt government that we have and the lack of opportunities in the country for many people, on the other hand it is also thanks to the crime that exists and it makes me very sad every time I see that people know Mexico more than that than for the good things, since it is a beautiful country with incredible people who work hard every day to get ahead.
But really the culture, the food, the people, the beaches, the music, the towns, the pyramids and ruins, all the history, is incredible.