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103 김여원, 김하경, 오서현, 형립정

by Class 102


Food Guide
class 103
Yeowon Hagyeong Seohyeon Lipjeong
1. Brief introduction.
Yeonnam-dong Pasta is in Yeonnam-dong.
 I choose Yeonnam-dong because students or adults going to Yeonnam-dong to play a lot. There are various kinds delicious and beautiful foods such brunch to snack that you can like age, you can taste various foods too!
2. Google map
It's near Namgajwa-dong and Gajwa Station.
It's not that far from here.
3. Availability
Availability w/pics of dishes
Lee Seok-deok's fresh pasta has short and long pasta made of fresh noodles and many menus such as rice pizza, state, gnoki, dessert gelato, and salad, so you can eat a variety of nutrients at once

4. Cost

 Lee Seok-deok Pasta is famous for its high cost-effectiveness. It's cheaper than most pasta even though it uses expensive raw noodles, boasting a lower price of about 4,900 won to 8,900 won, and sells gelato 2,000 won and steak at a good price of 12,900 won. It also tastes good compared to the price.
5. Accessibility
If you ride a car and go to Lee Seok Deok pasta,
it's a bit far from here. But the alley that you go by car..
It's so wide that all cars can pass. And there are many public transportation. You can ride quickly without waiting long. Also, even you take public it's near by Lee Seok Deok pasta. Even those who don't have a car can go.