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102 박서연, 김가영, 김예서, 유하은

by Class 102


Yeonsinnae Food Guide
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By. Seoyeon, Gayoung, Yeseo, Haeun
The place is called Yeonsinnae, and the reason why I chose this place is because I wanted to do something familiar to us, but I thought this place was a well-known place for many people, and if you're new to Yeonsinnae, there are many things to play, restaurants, and shopping.
Food Map
Japanese, western food, snack bar, meat, cafe etc.
there are that food most people will like in Yeonsinnae.
But there are many bars and many food is fried and roasted way, so not much nutritional value.
You can see various foods in Yeonsinnae. Among them, I'll introduce the names and prices of 5 foods.
The first intestine 10000 and 40000, and the second is Rice Noodle. -5000 to 10000. Third is pig hocks -20000-50000 and fourth is beef -10000-50000
Fifth, there are about Malatang-8000 to 20000. However, jokbal and beef may be a little expensive because it may be a little expensive for the public to eat for a meal, but the rest of the food will be convenient for the public to access.
There is Yeonsinnae Station, so you can go there by subway line 3 or 6. But you must be walk at station from restaurant, so if you have difficulty moving you will be difficult to go restaurant. And if you will get car,
you can use paid parking lot around.
However, there is a lot of parking lot at the station around, it can be difficult to parking if you will go to far at the station.