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104 원선우, 유가연, 정유민, 조하영

by Class 102


Yeongcheon Market
(Independence gate) food guide
Sunwoo, Gayeon, Yoomin, Hayoung
Yeongcheon market
The areas we would like to introduce are restaurants near Yeongcheon Market in Independence Station. The reason why we chose this place, the independent literature is because many Seoul people are looking for one of the most famous markets and especially many people to come and go so there are many restaurants in Independence Gate Intersection. Yeongcheon market is crowded with people and full of delicious food smell. 

Food map
The picture on the left is Yeongcheon market, which has an old tradition and there are lots of delicious foods.
The picture on the right is the picture of Independence Gate, a representative place in the area we would like to introduce.
There are lots of restaurants, cafes where you can enjoy dessert, and western food, and Korean food restaurants.
There are many eateries nearby Independence gate. Each eatery has a different business hours but most of the eateries open at 9 a.m. Many Koreans students go to school around 7 a.m. Many Korean students may be uncomfortable because they can't buy breakfast for those who go to school around 7 or go to work before 9 o'clock. But there is a famous restaurant ‘Independent secret room’ near Independence gate. Restaurants and some eateries are open until late. 
I would like to introduce a good restaurant to Yeongcheon market. First introduced restaurant is Original tteokbokki. This store was always famous, it came out in the ‘Top 3 kings ‘ of Bae Jongwon program, and became an even more famous tteokbokki store. They sold tteokbokki at the entrance of Yeongcheon market for 40 years. The tteokbokki is made of rice cake the same old way. It’s salty and spicy, so it might not be satisfactory for wheat cake lovers. (That’s what I think.) In addition to tteokbokki, they sell fried food, sundae, fish cake, etc.This price of food is 2,000 won per serving of tteokbokki, and 2,00 won for sundae and fried food. And Sunday is closed. Next is the Twisted bread stick. There are two twisted bread stick stores, one next to the original tteokbokki, and the other is the master’s twisted bread stick outside the original tteokbokki.
When you use the bus or subway to go to the Independent station, you don’t have to transfer. So, you can go easily. Take the bus 752 or other substitute buses (701, 720, 702A서오릉, 702B용두초교, 705, 741, 708, 704), and get off the bus. Walk for about 2 minutes, then you will arrive at the Yeongcheon market. If you use the subway, take subway line No.3 at Hongie station. Then go out from exit No.5, and walk for about 14 minutes. But when you use a car, it is a paid parking lot, and it is inconvenient because you have to walk about 19 minutes to the Seodaemun Independence Park paid parking lot. There are lots of cars near Independence Gate Station, but most people cannot go to the restaurant because of the inconvenient parking facilities. So I recommend you go by bus.