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Allowed Choices

by Mark Simensen


Allowed Choices
By Mark Simensen
Student Choice
In the beginning of the "A continuum" of the H.A.C.K. model, teachers are still guiding students to the platforms they are to use and what needs to be included in the assignment. As the class progresses, students will become familiar with multiple platforms that could be used, and the teacher may then ask students what platform they would choose. The end goal is for the teacher to present the information to students, give students the option to choose their platform, and the students can provide reasoning for why they chose the platform they did.
During the modeling process, the teacher provides examples of how they would use a platform to complete the assignment. The next progression would be for the teacher to provide multiple platforms for the students to choose from, and the students would decide how to use the platforms. The final progression would be for students to identify the platform they will use to present the material and then tell "why" they chose that platform.
Teachers introduce the idea of a grading rubric to students that outlines what needs to be included in the assignment. The teacher should review the rubric with the students, explain key components, and be able to use the rubric across multiple platforms. Teachers establish rubrics and then use the rubric to score most of the students' work across platforms.
Platform Exposure
Teachers will introduce new platforms for students to put in their Toolbox. As the students practice with each platform, they will find a few they enjoy more than others, and when given the choice, they choose one they are comfortable with. As comfort with the platform grows, teachers can ask students to make real-world connections to develop higher levels of learning.
How does a teacher start to make an intentional shift to deeper levels of learning during Allowed Choices?
Teachers can start to make a shift to deeper learning by first introducing students to learning platforms that allow students some academic choice. As students become familiar with the different platforms, teachers ask students to choose from the platforms and then explain why they chose that platform. Teacher lessons that ask students to explain or provide reasoning and incorporate real-world applications create a deeper level of learning.