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Meaning of Home

by Adrian Cheung


 Meaning of Home
Habitat for Humanity Fundraiser and Contest
Richland Academy - Grade 4 Students
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Grades 4, 5 and 6 students across Canada were invited to submit a poem or essay explaining what home means to them. This was a great way for students to engage in an interactive and fun way, and it teaches youth the importance of safe, affordable housing.  

Our Grade 4 students took part and shared in their heartfelt stories about what home means to them. By submitting our work for this contest, $10 for each submission was raised to support affordable housing for others in need.
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What resulted was a meaningful understanding about the difference between a house and home.  

I wish to congratulate all my Fantastic Fours. You took on this challenge with such passion and joy and gave us all a little window into your lives. I am proud of each and everyone of you. In my eyes, you are all winners.

Thank you,
Ms. Ciocio
Grade 4 Teacher, Richland Academy 2021-2022
By: Hugo
What makes my home special

My home is special because we have something unique that other families don’t usually have.

I have lots of people in my home and it is filled with knowledge, that everyone is an expert!  
I am good at folding origami because I started folding origami when I was about 4. My dad is a math tutor for university students and also teaches me math. My grandma is a great chef who knows how to cook foods from different cultures. She makes delicious fish soup, rice, and noodles for me. My aunt cares about my feelings and also teaches me a lot of things including my homework, behaviors, and piano.

Whenever someone encounters an issue, especially health problems, the other members in my family will be caring. When I was diagnosed with myopia last year, my family offered me a pair of corrective lenses for my glasses even though they’re expensive, so I’m blessed to be a part of this family. 

Home is a special “place” and “space” for me. The “place” is a central place from which to look at the world and learn something new. It’s a place to recharge my energy and organize the experiences and knowledge that I’ve learned in a day. For the “space”, we live in a society that is concerned with freedom and democracy, but part of that is to be independent and make a space for ourselves. My home is a space that is a good starting point to learn for independence and to do something that I am fond of. For example, my origami creations are sometimes uncommon. However, my family still shows their support and encourages me to try different things.

In conclusion, my home is full of unconditional love, supportive and safe.
By: Kishan
My home is special

Happiness: My home is a space for me and my family to play, relax and have fun. It has cool toys and games that make me happy at home. We love to watch movies and lounge on the couch (but someone keeps eating all the chips). We also enjoy baking, even though it's messy. All that brings me joy to see my family having fun and making each other laugh. 

Family: My home is special because my family is in it. We laugh, tell jokes and generally have a good time. We like being around each other and that makes me happy. My family is open to share our feelings, worries, troubles or thoughts so we can help each other out so no one stays mad or sad for long.

Safety: My home is special because it is safe. The floor does not buckle or break and I don’t fall through the floor and end up in the basement. It is also in a safe neighbourhood and community and we don’t have to worry about people taking our amazon packages. 

These are just a few reasons why my home is special, it holds so many memories and good times. I want other people to feel the way I do about their home so that is why I am applying. To me, a home is like a book- it has so many chapters of people's lives. So give them a book. . . a home.