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The Cyberbully

by Adrian Cheung


The Cyberbully
By: Taylor D.
One morning a boy named Alex woke up and went on his laptop.
He decided to play a game.
He saw a message that wasn’t very nice in the game chat from an unknown person.
The unknown person said stuff like, “you're ugly haha!” and “you look like trash!”
Alex got really sad reading all those messages as he just wanted to have fun playing his game.
Alex told his parents and they said that this person was just a bully who was just bored and wanted attention.
Alex didn’t feel any better after speaking with his parents because he was still sad. 
Alex went back on his game later and the bully continued to post mean messages.
Alex told the bully to stop multiple times but the bully never stopped.
Alex blocked the bully from being able to contact him through the game chat.