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by Mathews, Nathan 2029 Student SNIS


Did you know that alligators are one of the oldest predators on earth?  They have been around since the dinosaurs.  Read on to learn all about baby alligators, what alligators look like and what they hunt and eat.
This is what alligators looked like when the dinosaurs were alive.
Let me tell you about baby alligators.  To start, baby alligators hatch out of eggs from a nest that the mom guards.  There can be as many as 40 babies hatching at once.  Following this, baby alligators weigh 2 ounces when they’re born.  They are about 9 inches long.  In the end, the babies need to watch out for predators like otters, birds, and snakes at the lake.  The babies eat insects, snails, and frogs.  Now you know all about baby alligators.
Have you ever wondered what alligators look like?  First, alligators are very big.  American alligators are at least 12 to 14 feet long.  Also, alligators have webbed feet and a long tall for swimming and hard scales cover their whole body.  Lastly, an alligator's eyes, ears and nose are on top of their head.  This helps alligators see, hear, and smell while in the water.  Their eyes are under a flap of skin behind the eyes.   Now you know all about what alligators look like.
It is amazing to think about how alligators hunt and what they eat. To begin with, alligators are carnivores.  They eat turtles, fish, birds, and muskrats.  In addition, alligators have powerful mouths for catching prey.  They swallow without chewing.  Lastly, alligators ambush their prey.  This means that they take the animal by surprise.  They grab it quickly.  Now you know all about what alligators eat and how they hunt.
Now you know all about what alligators look like, all about their babies, and what they hunt and eat.  I hope you enjoyed learning more about alligators and maybe now you won’t be so afraid of these cool reptiles!