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Using a Literacy Resource for Instruction

by Literacy Collaboration


Planning with a Literacy Resource
Using HMH Into Reading / Arriba la Lectura
Jeffco Literacy Expectations
The image links to the "tights" for literacy instruction using Into Reading / Arriba la Lectura. Both practices and resource components are included.
Table of Contents
Please note - the HMH ED platform (the digital interface) has undergone a few updates since this book was created. Some of the videos may include reference to the old platform. There is no different in the CONTENT referenced, but the specific location may be different. If you need help navigating the platform, don't hesitate to reach out.
Planning is different when you start with a resource. The organization, standards, texts, and even some structures are already there. The teacher's job then is to "deeply study and understand the materials through intellectual preparation as a means of preparing for instruction.” (from Three Pillars of Teacher Support).

This book has been created to provide an example of how you can do that using the literacy resource that's in your building. The videos in this book guide you through a process for preparing to teach Module 1 of Into Reading (4th grade). Additional examples, from Cohort 1 schools we've worked with this year, show a variety of templates and ways to record thinking.
The content of this book guides you through a process for planning for CORE READING instruction in comprehension skills (the Reading Workshop portion of your day). You will also be able to make decisions for small group and independent work based on the content of your whole group lesson.

Foundational Skills instruction is connected to reading comprehension, but the planning for this instruction is likely to be done in a different way. Look for ideas and templates beginning on page 20 for this component of instruction.

Your writing workshop is also connected to reading instruction and the essential question of the module. Look for ideas and templates for planning writing beginning on page 22.
Driving Questions
What is the topic and essential question of the module? What knowledge do we want students to build as a result of this unit of study?

In your resource

- Welcome to the Module Section

- Building Knowledge Networks page
The Into Reading Modules are built around an essential question and topic. Understanding this topic will guide teachers in the ways that the texts link instruction together throughout the module. Students will work to create a Knowledge Network as they engage with texts.
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