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Loon Lake Learning Advance 2022!

by PLP 8 and 9


Replace this box with a map shows North Vancouver to Loon Lake, then add a drawing tracing the route of our trip.
Team Work
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The reason I would like to learn how to work in a team since it is a useful life long skill.
Since I love food and I’m excited to try it! Also I hope that the challenges are fun and I’m looking forward to them.
Learning Advance Day 1
I think this is a great photo because of the focus. It is focused on that twigs end and the rest is blurred so its easy to focus
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One place I found amazingly beautiful so far at Loon Lake is because the actual lake because its super clear and the reflection is Gorgeous (especially in the morning it is like a mirror).
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Dining hall
Lakeside theatre
Student centre and gym, where I slept
Yew and Arbutus cabins
Rope ferry/boat
The Wolvefishes 
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This is my advisory groups photo representing us