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Google Classroom Pro Tips & Tricks

by Jeffco Ed Tech


Google Classroom
Pro Tips & Tricks
Student Edition
Welcome to Google Classroom Pro Tips and Tricks!
We are compiling lots of phenomenal tips to hack your Classroom and make it more functional and more organized.

If you have an awesome tip to share, email to get it added to the book!
Pro Tip 1: How to access Google Classroom
There are many ways to get to
Google Classroom.
Here are the top three methods for accessing.
1. The Waffle
Watch this video for options 1 & 2
Watch this video for option 3
3. The Classroom app
(available on Jeffco
Chromebooks for grades 5-12)
Pro Tip 2: Use the Browser Back Arrow to Go Back to Classwork
Classroom automatically sends you back to the Stream tab. Then you have to click Classwork to get back to where you wanted to be. Avoid extra clicks by using the back arrow on the browser.
Watch how
Pro Tip 3: Always Turn In or
Mark as Done
Your teacher will know you have completed an assignment in Google Classroom once you click Turn In (on an assignment with an attachment) or Mark as Done (on any other assignment).

You will know you have completed the assignments because the assignment icon will turn gray. If your assignment icons are still colored, you need to complete something.
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