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Frosty the Snowman

by Nicola Fenech Clarke


Frosty the Snowman
Once upon a time, Gemma and Luca woke up to a white backyard. It was snow! They had never seen snow before and immediately went running outside to play.
They made several snow angels, had snowball fights, and built a big snowman together.
Thank you Gemma and Luca!
They gave him a scarf, buttons, tree arms, and also made him a great smile!
They decided to name him Frosty and took him inside their house to keep him forever.
They switched on the fireplace, made some hot chocolate and put on a movie.
Something was happening, the fire was making Frosty melt!
They started to panic, but they quickly rushed him outside in the cold snow and managed to save him.
Gemma and Luca visited him each day and took great care of him. Frosty was happy again and he became their best friend.
created by Ms. Nicola's Class