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Play station 5

by jose chica


The new play station 5 by sony
play station 5 review at sony for $499
The desing is mordern and they are avaible in white.The new model has a very much powerful processor, while the older model it was a slow thing. The graphics are of higher quiality, the games run at a quality of 4k.
Comes with 1 white controller equally, this same has a touch panel that gives a better gaming experience.
While older play station only has 500gb of memory, the new play station 5 has 825 gb of memory
The only problem is that being new does not have many new games to play, we can play old games, in the new play 5.
It is a totally new console, and fast, this fills whit all my expectations and has me very happy, I recommend the purchase of this console.

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