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by Christopher Labine Jr

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BY Christopher Labine
(1) If a publishing company asked you to develop a vocabulary program, what would be the key elements (highlights or key features) contained in the program? 

-I would include elements of artist graphics depicting space
-I would make the book fun and relatable for the students

Program Details:
Story about a boy in Space who is asked by his parents to complete chores before he can play his new game. He begins to complete his chores quickly so that he is able to play the game, but a nearby alien punk flies in with his UFO and sabotages his chores by using an ANTI-Gravity button to mess them up. Unaware of the messes that were made he goes to his parents for them to check upon his chores, only to find out that it was a larger mess than started. He was immediately "grounded" (opposite of anti-gravity). While he was in his room, the alien presented himself and stated that he just wanted friends. The alien and the boy schemed to pull a prank on his parents who were making dinner in the kitchen. When the parents retrieved their son for dinner, the alien used the anti-gravity button on the dinner and the whole family returns to find their entire meal everywhere.
(2) Develop a program for beginning or intermediate level students and discuss the most important strategies you would use to develop student vocabulary. 

The story would be told in several reading levels advancing each students knowledge and vocabulary by using words that reflect the fluency level of the students reading it.

In the beginning level I would give minimal words but use easier descriptive ones that tell the story but use the images to give direction to what the words are meaning.

In the advanced level I would give more detail paragraphs about the storytelling and use words that will grow the readers knowledge.
(3) Finally, select five words you would teach to students and describe specific strategies you would use in a classroom.

Moon- I would print a giant picture of a moon with the word written on it, perhaps even light it up in the classroom when the lights were off during a movie

World- I would have a map with the words "Map of the World" and also refer to having them check out the classroom globe- using that as an opportunity to teach students that there are other ways to describe the world (such as globe, earth)

Child- I would refer to the character in the book as being a child like themselves

Discovery - I would have the students do a project of doing an actual discovery in the classroom in some capacity and constantly refer to what they are doing as just that.

Explore- I would share videos of space exploration and teach the students why it is so important for us to explore the heavens and encourage students to be explores of space one day themselves like the child in the book

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