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(copy) Time Travling



made by. joseph Michael
Hi, my name IS Knox. I have a baby brother. My dad went to my home country. He was going to Japan. For my birthday I was supposed to get a phone but i got a compos. I was so mad, but my dad was in Japan. I wished i could go to Japan and go to the past and make sure my dad never left. My mom was a firefighter. But then i saw the compos and it was glowing. The campus took me when my dad was home a day before he left. I told him to stay then an hour later he stayed. I went back to the PRESENT.

And then I found out that my mom was a doctor. Then I found out that my uncle went in a plane to Japan. I was so confused. I went to a library and got a book about time traveling. The book said if you change the past then everything will change. Then In the morning I went to school I found out that I still had my friend's. Jackson and joseph and my other friend joseph but we call him joe. I asked my mom to go to my Antys house but then in that minute my mom said I didn't have an aunty I was confused but then I remembered that if you go to the past then everything will change. I sat in bed upset my dad was there, but I wanted my family members alive, but my mom said my grandma and my grandpa died three years ago but my grandpa and my grandma died eight years ago when I was two. I thought everything would be perfect, but nothing was perfect. I thought that people will want the compos, so I put cameras that night. That morning I did not find my compos. I looked in the cameras and I saw someone took it, so I tracked the person. I actually found where the person was the person was in Japan. I was upset because I didn't want to go to Japan.
I didn`t want to go to Japan because I want to stay here with my friends, but I had to because I had to go back to the past to make everything right. I didn`t want to go but I had to. I asked my mom and dad if I could go to Japan, they said yes. The next morning, we drove to a plane. When we got in the plane in a few minutes the plane started to fly. I was so excited to go get my compos. They started to give the food out it was so good. I started to fall asleep. In the morning we got there. I was so excited to get my compos. My mom and dad rented a house. I needed to start to speak Japan, so I practiced. In one day, I learned the words I should now. Everyone started greeting us. My mom put me in school. I learned how to read I was the new kid in the school. After school I just remembered my compos, I looked again and found out it was in a house in my neighborhood, so I looked at everyone in the neighborhood and I found out that my friend joe took it. I took it from joe and he didn`t care. I stayed in Japan for ten more days.
I asked my mom and dad if we could go back to Virginia, they said OK, so I started to pack up. we started to drive there. when we got there in like one hour, they gave us food. In three days, we went back to Virginia. I went back to my school with my friends they were happy to see me. There was a new kid named Toli. In three days, we started being friends my friend group joseph and Jackson let him be in the friend group I told them what Joe did and they also didn`t want him to be in the friend group. Toli was now in the friend group.

When school was over, I wanted to go back in the past and make things right but I couldn`t because Toli would never be my friend. I thought about it while brushing my teeth after brushing my teeth immediately my mom told me to go to sleep, so I went. In the morning my compos were gone I looked Everyware but I couldn`t find it. I looked at my, camara but I only found a man tacking my compos, so I tracked them.
chapter 2
I saw that it was multipool people. I called the police but three days later they couldn't find anything. So, I started to look for my compos myself. I went to track them down and I actually found them. It was a man with black clothes he was bald, but he was the only one there. There was a whole desk. I quickly went behind the desk and tackled him he didn`t notes so it was easy, but someone broke the window, and the guy throwed the compos to the guy that broke the window.