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The Cherokee Tribe

by Henry A


The Cherokee Tribe
By Henry A
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The Cherokees' geography and climate affected their lifestyle. The Cherokee lived in several states. They lived in Georgia, Tennessee, South Carolina and North Carolina.

 The Cherokee had several waterways to the Ohio river, Mississippi river, little Tennessee and the Tennessee river. The Cherokee have one mountain range, the Smoky Mountains, that was before the Eurepeans came. The weather for the Cherokee was 50 in the fall, around 30 in the winter, 80 in the summer and 40 in the spring. These temichurs and lakes and rivers and mountain ranges help the Cherokeee to survive in hard times.
Geography And Climate
Trees and Climate

Whenever the Cherokee needed food they would either hunt, gather or grow. When they would hunt they mostly got buffalo. They would use every part of the buffalo including their eyeballs. They would also try to get fish. They used a spear to get the fish. They would also get birds but not that often because birds are small and they wouldn't hunt for rabbits which are also small. 
The cherokee grown food they would grow the three sisters which was corn, beans, and squash they found a way to turn the corn into popcorn they also grew sunflowers and tomatoes. Lastly the Cherokee gathered, they would gather berries and mushrooms they found wild growing potatoes they also found nuts, and acorns. These categories help the Cherokee survive in hard times. 
Appels that they grow wheat that is blowing in wind

The Cherokee used two houses, an Asi and a Longhouse.
A Longhouse was a house that the Cherokee used in the summer. It looks like a modern day cabin. It's made of wood, mud and clay. There is also a fire pit in the middle of the house. It isn't always burning but it is there. There are several families that live in one house.

The next house is called an Asi . It is made of white oak and it is used in the winter. The house is also partly underground to keep it warmer; there's always a fire burning in the Asi. 
 The asi has long tree trunks going into the ground to help the house stay up because it is partly underground. These houses help the Cherokee to survive that's why they chose the houses that they did.
Ceremonies are very important to the Cherokee; it shows what they believed in and they can honor their spirits. The ceremonies are in the center of the village. First the new fire ceremony. The new fire ceremonies is where friends tell each other that they are still friends. Second is the first new moon of spring In March it starts the beginning of the farming season. The bonding bush ceremoie is Cherokee thanksgiving they give thanks to the spirits. lastly the great new moon ceremonie which is the Cherokee new year. These ceremonies show what the Cherokee believed in; they can honor their spirits and show their beliefs. 
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