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The Turkish Inventors

by Ülkü Yıldız


Piri Reis: Piri Reis was the admiral of the Ottoman Naval Forces, a world-renowned geographer and cartographer. In 1513 he drew the first world map, almost identical to today's maps. He drew the second World map in 1528, showing America in detail on this map.
Ali Kuşçu (1400-1470) is an important Turkish scientist who has worked beyond his time in many fields, especially astronomy, mathematics and mathematical geography.

Ali Kuşçu's Inventions
He drew a map of the moon.
He revealed that the Moon is a satellite, reflecting the rays it receives from the Sun.
He measured the latitude and longitude of Istanbul
Aksemseddin (1389-1459)
He put forward one of the first germ theories with the sentence "Diseases are transmitted from person to person through seeds too small to be seen with the naked eye". He is the first person in history to mention microorganisms. The scientist, who worked especially in the fields of medicine and pharmacy, was the first person to find and discover the microbe. At the same time, he conducted studies on the cancer disease known as seratan. He has done serious research in the field of herbal therapy.
Ordinaryus Prof. Dr. Cahit Arf is known for his work in the field of mathematics. He is the owner of the mathematical invention known in the scientific world as Arf Constant, Arf Rings or Arf Helix. He developed the Hesse-Arf Theory together with the German mathematician Helmut Hesse.
Canan Dağdeviren, who is among the new generation of Turkish scientists, is the first Turkish to be a member of the Harvard University Young Academy. Working as a researcher at MIT Media Lab on wearable technology, flexible electronic devices and next-generation circuits, Dağdeviren invented the wearable heart chip that can detect skin cancer.