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Part 3

by Vlada Stoyku


Part 3. Thornfield Hall
The protagonist, a young teacher, decides to seek new experiences and advertises for a governess position. After receiving a letter from Mrs Fairfax of Thornfield Hall, she embarks on a journey to start her new life. Upon arriving, she is welcomed by Mrs Fairfax, the housekeeper, and meets Adèle, a little French girl whom she is tasked to teach. The protagonist becomes intrigued by the absent owner of Thornfield Hall, Mr Rochester. Later, she encounters a mysterious incident involving a stranger falling from his horse and a fire in Mr Rochester's room, during which she saves his life. It is revealed that a woman named Grace Poole resides in the attic and is responsible for the strange occurrences. During Mr Rochester's absence, the protagonist notices his growing connection with Miss Ingram, a beautiful and wealthy visitor to Thornfield Hall.
1. She advertised her services as a private tutor in the local newspaper.
2.The housekeeper diligently manages the daily operations and maintenance of the large estate
3.the children laughed and played on the frozen lake, sliding and twirling on the smooth ice
4. she learned over whispered something to me aside during the meeting
5. the stranger approached me with a curious look on his face
6. she struggled to open the heavy door with her hands full of groceries
7. She sat by the window for a while before resuming her work
8. the loud noise startled him, filling him with fear and anxiety
9.She poured water from the jug into the glasses on the table.
10.He grabbed the fire extinguisher and quickly put out the flames.
11.The unexpected news left her feeling upset and disappointed.
12.The cat wandered around the garden, exploring every corner.
13.He looked at his achievements with a sense of pride and satisfaction.
a. Mrs Fairfax was waiting for Jane when she arrived at Thornfield Hall.

b. Jane's student's name was Adèle.

c. While returning home from the village one day, Jane heard the sound of a horse behind her. The horse slipped on the ice, and the man riding it fell down.

d. The man had dark hair and was described as interesting, though not very handsome or polite.

e. When Jane got home, she discovered that Mr Rochester's bed was on fire.

f. Jane heard a terrible and cruel laugh when she woke up one night.

g. When Jane went to Mr Rochester's room, she saw him sitting in a chair.

h. Mrs Fairfax mentioned that a woman named Grace Poole lived in the attic.

i. When Mr Rochester returned to Thornfield, he brought some of his friends with him, including Miss Blanche Ingram.
1. New Environment: Jane transitioned from her previous life at Lowood School to the grand and unfamiliar Thornfield Hall, a large estate.
2. Job as a Governess: Jane took on the role of a governess, becoming responsible for the education and care of Adèle, Mr Rochester's ward.
3. Meeting Mrs Fairfax: Jane encountered Mrs Fairfax, the housekeeper of Thornfield Hall, who played a significant role in her life as a friendly and kind presence.
4. Introduction to Mr Rochester: Jane met Mr Rochester, the owner of Thornfield Hall, who would become an influential figure in her life and with whom she developed a complex relationship.
5. Uncovering Secrets: Jane gradually discovered secrets within Thornfield Hall, such as the existence of Mr Rochester's wife and the mysterious happenings in the attic.
6. Emotional Connection: Jane formed emotional connections and friendships, particularly with Adèle and Mrs Fairfax, bringing a sense of companionship and belonging to her life.
7. Love and Romance: Jane experienced love and developed deep feelings for Mr Rochester, which led to significant changes in her personal and emotional journey.
Overall, Jane's life at Thornfield Hall brought about transformative experiences, challenging circumstances, and pivotal relationships that shaped her character and influenced the trajectory of her story.
1. I moved to live in another city.
2. I founded my own hip-hop and ballet school.
3. I have opened several schools in Moldova.
4. I met new people.

a. I think Jane will find another job.

b. Perhaps Mr Rochester might marry Miss Ingram.

c. Mr Rochester could start to like Jane.

d. Maybe Mr Rochester will go away again.

e. Jane might hear the terrible laugh again.

f. Jane could see Grace Poole.

Jane herself tells Mrs Fairfax that she thinks Mr Rochester will marry Miss Ingram.
Part 4. A mysterious visitor